According to research conducted by scientists from the Plymouth University, Bach Flower Remedies can be an effective agent in treating child hysteria (so called temper tantrum). It has been observed that flower essences reduce behaviours, such as screaming, kicking, beating and crying etc. Bach Flower Remedies, administered in the form of pills, calmed down and balanced children's emotions.

Professor of Health Psychology - Michael Hyland and his assistant Ben Whalley studied children between the age of two and five. Parents reported an improvement of the child's behaviour after the use of flower essences in 73% of cases. Further thirty eight children are being monitored and another fifty are sought to be included in the trial. Professor Hyland said that the initial outcomes were encouraging because parents reported almost fifty per cent less attacks of temper tantrum.

It has also been observed that the application of flower remedies in case of children who have had an attack, reduced other symptoms associated with it: 30% less screaming, 24% less whining, 35% less kicking and beating, 21% less crying, and 14% less of breath holding.

It should be stressed that the Bach Flower Remedies as completely natural and safe. This is why they can be used by pregnant women and small children with no risk at all. Children like flower essences especially in the form of Rescue Pastilles.

How to cope with your child's temper tantrum?
1. Do not pay special attention to hysterical behaviour, as it may enhance it. Leave the child alone for a while (but not in a rejecting manner). You can give it a message, like: Stay in your room until you calm down. Then, we shall do something interesting together.

2. When the child is calm and balanced, make sure that he or she is given enough attention and interest. Not only play with your child but also encourage it to participate in family life by sharing certain tasks and chores with him or her (respectively to the child's age and capabilities). Your child wants to feel important and needed, know his or her place in the family, expectations, rights and privileges.

3. When the child is irritated or dysphoric, you can use Rescue Remedy in the form of pastilles, which are natural and safe! They will help your child reduce tension and regain emotional balance.