There are times when you just need to glance into a mirror to see that something is wrong. You skin will express that. It becomes tight, dry or flaky. Some people suffer from recurring problems of facial skin, e.g., spots or rushes. No wonder! Your emotional misbalance may easily be reflected by your skin - the mirror of your soul.

This psychosomatic approach is the basis of health philosophy adopted by the famous physician and scientist - Dr. Edward Bach, who lived in Great Britain in 1930's. He assumed that treatment of various ailments should focus not so much on symptoms but rather on underlying causes associated with feelings and emotions. Dr. Bach discovered unique remedies for the soul which are used to restore equilibrium and empower personal development. Dr. Bach claimed that flower essences prepared from specific herbs can balance human emotions and stimulate the natural self-healing powers of the body. This assumption often seems true regarding our largest organ, namely skin. Apart from selecting appropriate remedies to address your emotional states, you can aid the treatment of skin problems with the Crab Apple essence and Rescue Cream or Rescue Gel. It is a perfect solution for immediate help, when your skin is damaged or itching and drives you crazy.

Crab Apple
The healing effect of Crab Apple flowers is used to help people who experience feelings of shame, impurity or self-disgust, which often impairs their self-esteem and self-confidence. They are concerned that others will notice or make a comment on their skin changes (e.g., blushing, rashes, or allergic reactions) and may thus refrain from social encounters. The remedy helps them restore optimism and a more positive self-image.

Bach Flower Remedies are usually taken orally, but you can also use them externally. For example, to make a cataplasm with Crab Apple, dilute a few drops of the stock remedy in water, soak a piece of cloth or cotton in it, and then place it on the irritated part of your skin. You can also add a few drops of this essence to your bath in order to purify yourself physically and emotionally. For internal use - take two drops of the stock remedy directly on your tongue or dilute them in a cup of water and sip from time to time.

Rescue Cream and Gel
For the sensitive and "stressed" types of skin specialists recommend the regenerating Rescue Cream and Rescue Gel. Both products contain a mixture of six flower essences: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Clematis, and Crab Apple. You can also prepare a similar formula by yourself - simply mix a few drops of each of these remedies with your favourite cream or ointment that you use every day. Rescue Cream and Gel moisturise the dry, flaky skin and restore its natural condition. Many parents use them for their kids to soothe irritation caused by physical injuries, insect bites or excessive exposure to sunlight. Bruises, cuts, scratches, blisters, sun-burns or mosquito bites are no longer a problem.