Having problems with sleeplessness? You are not alone! Many people complain about it and according to the British Sleep Association there are about 3.5 million people who wriggle in bed every night unable to fall asleep. Women find it much harder to "turn off" in comparison to men. Some people take hot baths before going to bed and others listen to relaxing music. Those who grow desperate seek pharmacological help and use tranquilizers or sleeping pills. Even though such medicines may help you fall asleep, you have to beware their addictive potential and side effects they produce. For this reason you cannot take them for too long. To control your mind better, you can also use complementary methods like the one discovered over 80 years ago by a British doctor and scientist - Edward Bach. His natural flower remedies will help you calm down and relax. They will help you restore inner balance and soothe emotional states which are often responsible for sleepless nights.

If you live under stress, suffer from obsessive thoughts about your bank credit or constantly re-play in your mind arguments with your boss, Rescue Night will help you! Imagine you don't have to analyse the same problems and worries every night...

Sometimes, it may be difficult to turn off after a frantic day at work or children care. If you are a person who enthusiastically gets involved in different situations and has a really active mind, try a few drops of Vervain from time to time. For people on the verge of exhaustion after difficult and intensive work Olive will make magic. It will help you restore energy even if you are so tired that you feel like crying.

When thoughts of the coming day do not let you fall into the arms of Morpheus, Mimulus is highly recommended. This remedy will reduce fear and give you more courage to face challenges such as giving a public speech or making an important presentation at work. However, if your stress level is intense and combined with irritation, panic or even fear of losing control, most people use the popular first aid - Rescue Remedy.

Agrimony may be the right essence if your tension increases at night. It is recommended to people who usually put a smile on their faces and tend to hide or deny their worries, concerns, and sadness. They usually reflect upon their problems at night or in the morning hours, when they are less disturbed by other activities or people.

"I recommend Agrimony for those who need to gain some distance to themselves and their problems. People who tend to deny or hide their suffering may grow very tense and find it difficult to receive help from others. Some think it would be a sign of their weakness. This remedy will help them become more authentic and open" - explains the Bach Practitioner, Dr. Igor Pietkiewicz.

Mental states which influence the quality of your sleep:
• too enthusiastic, excited, hyperactive (Vervain)
• having fear of specific situations or persons (Mimulus)
• worrying about health or wellbeing of one's relatives (Red Chestnut)
• feeling overwhelmed by work, obligations (Elm)
• exhausted and unable to concentrate due to excess of physical or intellectual work (Olive)

Six tips for better sleep:
1. Reduce your daily intake of black tea, coffee, and drinks containing caffeine. Avoid eating heavy meals a few hours before going to bed.
2. Drink less alcohol. Though it may induce sleepiness, it can also cause early waking up. Nicotine is not helpful, either - reduce the number of cigarettes smoked a day.
3. Develop sleeping rituals - go to bed at a specific time every day, take worm, relaxing shower or bath. If music helps you fall asleep, make a playlist of songs which calm you down and help you drift away. Avoid watching television or listening to radio in bed (they may have a stimulating effect).
4. Remember that it is easier to fall asleep in a tidy and well ventilated space. The room temperature should be moderate (not cold but also not too warm).
5. If other solutions fail, have a notebook next to your bed and report your thoughts, feelings, and associations (especially the most distracting and disturbing ones).
6. It is not recommended to analyse how much you'll sleep - it only makes the situation worse.