Flower remedies for children and their parents

There aren’t many parents who can honestly say that they didn’t worry about their child’s first day at school. After all, for the last five years it’s seemed like you have been joined at the hip! Now their journey into the grown up world is beginning and you are left with a multitude of questions whizzing around your head. How will they cope without you? Will they make friends? What if they are ill?

A child’s first day at school brings with it the realisation that your little one is no longer a baby but an independent human being (it’s the end of infancy and the beginning of childhood) and as they stroll off down the concrete path, lunch box and P.E kit in hand, you could be forgiven for having a little tear in your eye. But don’t worry; you are not alone! Remember David Beckham shedding a tear when waving little Brooklyn off last year?

In a recent survey commissioned by Bach Original Flower Remedies 76% of mum’s and 50% of dad’s admitted to being more nervous about their child’s first day at school than their child was. And we all know that our own emotions and feelings can impact on our children.

Temper Tantrums - when their temper gets out of control Cherry plum or Rescue Remedy Spray
Shyness - timid children, often don't mix well with others Mimulus
Confidence - the children lack confidence to try new things, go to new places Larch
Hyperactivity - when the child is highly strung and difficult to calm down Vervain, Rescue Remedy Spray
Clingyness - children who don't like to be left Chicory
Adjustment - starting new school and learning new behaviours Orzech włoski (Walnut)

Going to a new class can leave children feeling unsettled and emotionally vulnerable but fortunately the Bach Original Flower Remedies can help look after your child’s emotional well-being and aid their personal development throughout the testing school years. Walnut will help both parents and children adapt to new situations. Chicory may be perfect for kids too dependent on you who burst into tears by the school gate and would not let you go. Larch will boost their self-confidence on the other hand. Red chestnut will relax parents who worry about their children too much and Rescue Remedy will soothe the immediate effects of acute stress.

“Bach Original Flower remedies can make everyone feel much more positive about the first day at school,” says Carly Harding Bach Foundation Practitioner. “I would really recommend having a few sips of walnut in a glass of water to help parents and children adjust and settle in to the new routine. The good news is that Bach Original Flower Remedies are safe for the whole family as they are side effect free and has been used by parents for over 70 years. I give them to my own daughter and find they really help calm her down. If parents are worried about the alcohol content they can always dilute in water or add to a hot drink so the heat will evaporate the alcohol. The remedies can even be put onto the child’s pulse points.”

Do you feel guilty when you’re not there for your children as a result of a busy and demanding lifestyle? Pine
Do you worry constantly about your child’s welfare whilst they are at school? Red chestnut
Missing your child terribly, when he or she is at school for many hours? Honeysuckle