It is essential to select appropriate remedies to achieve best therapeutic results. In order to do that, it is important to become aware of one’s feelings and features of character. A consultation with a Bach Practitioner is highly recommended, although you can also experiment on your own.

You can take a single remedy or use a combination of several remedies over a time. It is advised, however, that you limit your choice to maximum 7 essences at a time. Try to specify your emotions and how you are feeling right now. Then, choose a corresponding remedy.

For instance, if you feel stressed before an exam, try Rescue Remedy. Olive might also help if you feel worn out and unable to concentrate after a day of hard work, all-night study or chronic stress.

In that self-diagnosis, you need to be honest with yourself and aware of your own inner experiences and tendencies. Few people like to be perceived as jealous, possessive, or bossy. However, if you treat it as a challenge and acknowledge your character type, emotions, and behaviours, you are halfway to achieve spiritual equilibrium. You may consciously introduce changes and develop your personality. If it is hard to distinguish among your feelings, emotions or moods, you may talk to someone who knows you well. Going to a practitioner is also a good idea.