The Advanced Workshop is a two-day stationary training delivered by one of the Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners & Trainers. Its main objective is to broaden self-consciousness and deepen your understanding of the 38 remedies. Participants enrich their knowledge of the system and analyse how the philosophical principles of Dr. Bach can be applied to their lives. They also have an opportunity to share their personal experience. A completion the Advanced Workshop is fundamental to proceed to Practitioner Training - a specialized workshop for those who want to become licensed practitioners and use Bach Flower Remedies in a professional context. The course is accredited by The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation (Oxfordshire, England). Participants receive a certificate of completion issued by the Foundation.

The main purposes of this course are:

• to be able to differentiate between type and mood remedies
• to learn about the strong and weak aspects of various personality types
• to broaden the existing knowledge of the 38 essences and study the similarities and subtle differences between them
• to test and consolidate knowledge by participating in interactive exercises, video presentations, etc.
• to develop skills in recognizing a wide spectrum of emotional states in oneself and others based on observing behaviour and empathy – practical exercises.

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