The Introductory Seminar gives an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills in using flower essences in everyday life situations. Level one online usually consists of 8 sessions held on our Internet platform. Participants are encouraged to do homework between sessions and put their fresh knowledge into practice as their learning experience progresses. A completion the Introductory Seminar (online or stationary) is fundamental to proceed to next levels. The course is accredited by The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation (Oxfordshire, England). Participants receive a certificate of completion issued by the Foundation.

This online seminar is a great advantage for those who cannot participate in a stationary course for a variety of reasons (either because of their health condition, transportation problems or job commitments). Studying on-line you will not spend money on travel and accommodation!

The course is open to everyone, regardless of age and educational background. We specifically address it to those who:

• are interested in health and preventive care,
• would like to deepen their understanding of emotions and human behaviour,
• wish to improve their life quality and everyday performance,
• want to help themselves and their relatives - children, family, friends,
• need to reduce stress, symptoms of anxiety or depression, improve relationships with others,
• seek methods to help their pets,
• would like to use the method in a professional context in the future.

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To participate in an online course you will need a computer with a microphone and a headset, as well as permanent Internet connection. People registered for the course will receive a special link to our eLearning platform, with information how to login. Before the seminar, we invite everyone to participant in a short training on how to use the system. It also gives you a chance to test your hardware and Internet connection.

You may participate in the online Introductory Seminar as a:

• full member,
• observer (you will not get a certificate and be entitled to continue education on higher levels).