Bach Flower Remedies is a worldwide popular system of natural medicine discovered by a British physician and scientist – Dr. Edward Bach. It uses essences extracted from flowers of wild plants. The remedies are taken orally to restore emotional balance and improve one’s mental state. They effectively reduce tension and the effects of stress.

Each of the thirty eight remedies refers to a particular mental state or personality features. You can use them separately or blend them together in a treatment bottle, depending on your needs. It is also reasonable to use essences as a way of prevention - to reduce risk factors associated with having a challenging and often stressful lifestyle. The remedies help people reduce anxiety, mood swings or sleeplessness. They can also assist you in emotional crisis. Bach Flower Remedies are natural, safe and can be used by the whole family – regardless of age or health condition, also during pregnancy. Flower essences are also used to help animals.

Recent studies into effects of emotions on the immunity system confirm the theory that mental states can influence general health and vice versa. Most medical experts agree that mind balance is the key to general health. Bach Flower Remedies will help you establish inner harmony, gain better control over your life and enjoy more satisfaction in your self-development.