Bach Flower Remedies are an effective method in coping with life difficulties, stress, and illnesses. Not only will they help you overcome an emotional crisis but will also strengthen the positive aspects of your personality and aid your personal development. For best results, however, it is necessary to chose appropriate remedies. You can consult a professional Bach Practitioner or study literature and experiment on your own. Nevertheless, if you want to be autonomous and use the method really effectively for yourself and others, we recommend that you gain necessary knowledge and skills by participating in courses organised within the Bach International Education Program (BIEP) framework.

BIEP is available in many countries worldwide. As a popular and safe form of complementary medicine the method is also taught at some universities. Graduates who meet all necessary requirements may apply for the international certificate issued by The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation. The certificate is recognized by a number of healthcare centres in different countries. Licensed practitioners of The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation work strictly according to the philosophy and ethical standards specified by the Foundation.

BIEP meets the highest educational standards and is accredited by The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation. It is a 3-tier training in a practical use of Bach Flower Remedies. It includes an introductory course and advanced workshops for practitioners. Apart from deepening their experience with the essences, participants also gain necessary psychological knowledge and therapeutic skills. They learn to offer help and support using special techniques of guiding a consultation and to recommend appropriate remedies. At a later stage, they can work independently and use the trainer’s supervision, help and advice.

Level 1 Introductory Seminar and Level 2 Advanced Workshop are two-day courses which get you familiar with Edward Bach’s philosophy of treating patients. They teach you how to use essences for yourself, and your family or friends. The Practitioner Training (Level 3) is addressed to those who want to use remedies in a professional context. Once you have passed your exam, written essays, and produced case studies (under a supervision for six months), you may apply for registration in the Bach Foundation International Register at The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation. Register

As a registered Bach Practitioner you have to agree to comply with the Bach Foundation’s Code of Practice

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