The Bach Therapy Centre was established in 1998 in Poland. We have been concentrated on providing education and counselling with the use of flower remedies. Throughout these years we have organised numerous workshops and cooperated with radio, television, and press. In 1998, 2001 and 2007 we published three books recommended by The Bach Centre (Oxfordshire, England). Our training programme has been addressed to all interested in healthy lifestyle and emotional hygiene. We have been teaching people how to use flower essences to improve their quality of life, reduce stress and attain greater satisfaction and effectiveness. We have also been cooperating with healthcare professionals, who seek complementary methods that can help their patients overcome emotional strain and cope with disease much easier.

We have managed to launch the Bach International Education Programme (BIEP) – a specialised training in the practical use of the Bach essences, accredited by the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation. We are responsible for training practitioners to use this art of therapy in a professional setting, verifying their knowledge and skills, as well as providing support. We also provide online education via our eLearning platform. The Bach Therapy Centre also acts as a local registrar on behalf of the Bach Centre – we collect applications from Practitioners who have successfully passed their exams and met all requirements to enter the Internationals Register of Practitioners.

Since 2005 we have been closely linked to the producer of the Bach Original Flower Remedies – the pharmaceutical company A. Nelson & Co. Ltd. Being their exclusive distributor in Poland, we have been responsible for the promotion and marketing of the remedies - supplying pharmacies, herbal shops, and individual customers. To meet the demands of our clients, in 2010 we have expanded our offer to Healing Herbs – flower remedies prepared in England by another manufacturer, who also strictly adheres to the original pharmacopeia of Dr. Edward Bach.