Every pet owner can observe that animals react in a very specific way. Just like humans, animals have their unique features of character, they learn, feel, and react to various stimuli. Animals which are content and have their needs fulfilled, are more active and experience less health problems. On the other hand, our pets can also have negative moods and emotional states such as fear, loneliness, apathy etc. Such emotions influence their behaviour and life quality.

To restore balance in the animal’s mind and support its learning processes, more and more breeders use Bach Flower Remedies. Not only do the essences reveal unique power to affect psyche; the main advantage of the method lies in its safety. Bach Flower Remedies are completely natural, non-addictive, and produce no side effects or allergic reactions. It is why everyone can enjoy their benefits. Animals, being more sensitive than humans, often respond to them almost instantly. Using appropriate remedies you can reduce stress and enhance your pet’s developent.

Reading animal behaviour
Choosing the right essences may appear difficult for novices, as animals cannot describe or verbalise their feelings. However, a good observation of your pet will help you understand and identify its moods. Nonverbal communication is the best way to read your dog’s or cat’s feelings. To decide which remedy would be most suitable, observe the animal’s body language and behavioural patterns. Some of them may be specific to a given species. You should also consider all changes that recently happened at home. Some experiences or events which seem unimportant at a glance may induce much stress in your friend. Did your dog start gnawing furniture when a new animal appeared at home? Did the cat start to isolate once you moved to a new place? Detailed observation and analysis will help you determine possible stress factors. Then, it will be much easier to identify emotions which may be associated with odd behaviours.

Remedies for champions
Bach Flower Remedies are often used by pet owners who participate with their dogs or cats in exhibitions or tournaments. A few days before the potentially stressful event, you may start applying selected remedies to your animal. The most common essences would be: Rescue Remedy to calm down and relax, Larch for boosting self-confidence, Mimulus for reducing fear, and Walnut to facilitate adaptation and protect from external influences.

Remedy dosage for animals
You may add a few drops of the stock remedy to water or food. Alternately, you can prepare a treatment bottle and apply a dose of four drops, four times a day. This may be more convenient, if your animal does not drink often enough and therefore would not take essences regularly. Dosage for small and large animals is the same.

Do not neglect veterinary consultations as sudden behavioural changes in animals may be symptoms of disease. Consult a specialist to rule out organic reasons.

A dog in trauma
Dr Judy Griffin talks about her experiences with using remedies for dogs. She claims that animals react much faster than humans as their mental construction is less complex. As an example, she presents a history of an aggressive dog with a trauma history. The animal was to be euthanized, however, after treatment with Bach Flower Remedies its behaviour improved and the dog was saved.

Most common essences for animals

When your animal... Use...
Reacts with panic, hysteria or aggravation (e.g., during shows) Rescue Remedy
Is particularly fearful, is afraid of strangers, other animals, noise Mimulus
Lacks confidence and faces new challenges with difficulty Larch
Is too submissive and finds it hard to fight for its position in a herd Centaury
Reveals dominance, does not allow to enter its territory, is aggressive towards people or/and other animals Vine, Holly
Was in shock and suffered pain (due to someone’s behaviour or accident)
Star of Bethlehem
Has difficulties in learning new behaviours (e.g., to use a litter tray) Chestnut bud
Finds it difficult to adapt (after moving to a new place, during pregnancy or after a new member has appeared at home) Walnut

Isolates and reacts with discontent to any attempts of petting and stroking
Water Violet, Rescue Remedy